I discovered this product a few years ago & I am so glad I did! Absolutely the best! I don’t care how bad your hands are or how dry they get, this stuff will fix it.
The only drawback I can see is the smell. I don’t mind it at all, but some might. It does smell like camphor. The green variety is the same but with an “herbally” kind of smell that’s a little softer. Neither of them will smell past the first few minutes so it’s not like you’re going to smell this all day. I buy both & use them every day. I will NOT be without them!

- Matilda L.

I was introduced to this product by a friend. I didn’t like the way it smelled but I tried it anyway. I was amazed at how soft and moist it made my skin. For most of my life I tried different products trying to soften my rough, scratchy heels. Ingram’s Camphor Cream is the only thing that works and I don’t have to use it every day to keep my heels soft. I can’t wait until summer to wear my sandals. For the first time in our marriage my husband doesn’t complain when my feet touches his leg. I also use it for my elbows because they were becoming scratchy and dry. I can’t tell you the difference it makes.

- L. Wynn 

Ingram’s is really more than just for your hands and heels. It works against allergic reactions too. Once a friend burnt his chest with steam. We cooled it with water and I then put on a thick layer of Ingram’s. The next day he said it was like nothing happened and no blisters to see. It is a fantastic product that everyone should have.

Peter V.

I Was Very Pleased With This Product.
I Have Been Back And Fourth To Doctors For Three Years For My Itchy, Dry, Rashed Skin. I Have Tried So Many Prescribed Ointments And Creams. I  Can’t Even Count How Many.
This Cream Was Like A Miracle.
Better Than What Doctors Had Prescribed For Me That Never Worked Anyway!
I Recommend This Cream For Anyone With Extremely Dry Skin Problems.
It Softens And Brings Your Irritated Skin Back To Normal Almost Immediately!